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Bridge to the Castle.


San Francisco 1851.

SS California

Arrive San Francisco

November 21, 1850 
Lt. Budd, Captain 
From Panama


 November 21, 1850, Alta California, San Francisco


Illness of President Taylor
Indian Disturbances in Florida ~ Projected Invasion of Cuba ~ 
Interesting Abduction Case, etc., etc., etc.

The Pacific Mail Steamer California, Captain Budd, came up the Harbor and anchored off the town at about 9 o'clock this morning. She has about 339 passengers, but NO MAIL! The latest dates from N. York are of September 1st. We are indebted, as usual, to the attentions of Sullivan & Co., through their efficient Express for the prompt delivery of full files of United States Papers.

The news form the Atlantic side is not of an exciting nature. The Cholera is gradually on the decrease in the principal cities of the Union, but its ravages continue in Canada and Europe. In New York City, on the 28th August, 14 deaths are reported. In Brooklyn August 31, only three deaths.

Gen. Taylor attacked with Cholera and recovering. -- President Taylor arrived at Erie on Saturday, P.M., quite suck having been attacked with purging and vomiting at Waterford, Pa., and was obliged to be lifted out of his carriage and carried into the hotel. He rested well last night and feels better this morning, and has determined not to go East until after the N.Y. State Fair.

Alb. Eve. Journal of Monday

The Florida Indians are creating apprehensions of trouble, having already made demonstrations of hostility towards the white settlers. A number of murders have been committed, and further outrages are anticipated. Several companies of U.S. troops have been dispatched to the scene of disorder. A general war will probably grow out of the difficulty.

Names of Note: Adolphe Sutro, who owned the Cliff House and a thousand acres of land along Ocean Beach facing the Pacific, where he built Sutro Baths; Col. John C. Fremont, who owned the land where gold was discovered in 1848; Samuel W. Comstock


Not listed.


Anderson, R.M. 
Badlow, Allen 
Barinon, B. 
Bassford, J. 
Berliner, A. 
Blair, Mrs., child and servant 
Blake, Robert 
Bleiman, A. 
Boscas, Bernardini 
Bowen, John 
Boyce, R.P. 
Brown, J.A. 
Bryan, J. 
Buckelew, Mr. and Mrs. 
Buckingham, S. 
Cadeaux, Mr. and Mrs. G. 
Caldwell, J.N. 
Campbell, E. 
Carman, Levi 
Cary, Thomas 
Clark, H. W. 
Clay, E. R. 
Colby, R.K. 
Collieux, J. B. 
Colling, John H. 
Collins, Martin 
Coltman, J. 
Comstock, Samuel W. 
Cortesa, C. 
Cox, Robert M. 
Cudworth, J. W. 
Curtis, E. G. 
Cutts, Richard D. 
de Aguna, Gregoria 
Deck, E. 
Delacar, J.V. 
Dembitz, Abraham 
Douglas, A.H. 
Drescoll, C.F. 
Dubois, Mr. and Mrs. S.H. 
Duffy, Charles 
Duffy, James 
Duffy, Patrick 
Duffy, Thomas 
Dulley, John B. 
Dunkel, J. 
Eikenretter, Mrs. and child 
Elias, C. H. 
Ellis, A. J. and lady 
Emory, J. F. 
Evans, William E. 
Fairol, Charles 
Firandon, F. 
Flint, William C. 
Foice, William J. 
Forsyth, George 
Forsyth, George 
Fourcade, H. 
Fremont, Col. John C., lady, child and servant 
Goldstein, M. 
Goodrich, A. 
Greenhow, R. and lady 
Grieswold, Randolph 
Guerron, Mlle. H. 
Guesman, James 
Guibert, Pedro 
Gurney, L. B. 
Hanserd, J. 
Harn, W. H. 
Harper, J. 
Harrison, G. 
Hart, S.E. 
Hastler, Mr. and Mrs., child and servant 
Hempstead, D. D. 
Henderson, J. C. 
Herrlich, John 
Hershfeld, H. 
Hill, George S. 
Hill, Samuel D. 
Howe, J.F. 
Hutchings, Wood 
Hutton, G. M. 
Ingram, Mrs. and three children 
Jenkins, James 
Johnson, M. A. 
Joseph, J. 
Kentzing, A. S. 
Lawton, A. T. 
Leland, Alonzo 
Levy, Julius 
Levy, S. 
Lewis, Mr. 
Lichenstein, M. H. 
Lord, W. B. 
Lowden, Robert 
Mansfield, A. 
Mansfield, A. S. 
Mansfield, L. J. 
Marks, J. 
Marks, Moses 
Marks, Samuel 
Marquet, Mlle. E. 
Mason, J.P. 
McBride, Richard 
McCarty, J. 
McDougall, Col and servant 
McGender, Miss 
McGender, Mrs. 
McIntyre, J. C. 
McNarin, J. 
McNeil, Daniel 
Meir, Alexander 
Miller, James 
Mitchelson, H. 
Mitchelson, R. 
More, J.W. 
Morens, Gregory 
Morice, George 
Morrell, Abraham 
Morrell, J. 
Morrow, Mr. and Mrs. 
Mulliner, L. 
Myers, J. S. 
Noe, James 
Nudd, Asa 
Oram, S. 
Paidell, J. 
Perez, L. 
Phelps, B. 
Poole, T. J. 
Porter, Andrew 
Priest, Albert 
Probst, D. 
Pynders, J. P. 
Ramas, Lazara J. 
Randolph, J. 
Ray, John 
Rice, H. 
Roberts, D. S. 
Rodgers, A. F. 
Ross, W. F. 
Ruges, Jose Dolores 
Ruido, M. 
Rundle, T. 
Runnels, George 
Rupp, D. A. 
Russ, August 
Salowski, Louis 
Schaeffer, J. 
Schermer, William 
Simon, B. 
Simon, Miss A. 
Simon, Mrs. F. 
Simon, S. 
Simons, J. P. 
Simpson, William A. 
Sinclair, William 
Sinton, R. H. 
Smith, J. M. 
Snelling, Benjamin 
Soule, S. 
Stern, B. 
Stern, Jacob 
Stoeltzer, G. 
Strode, C. B. and lady 
Sutro, Adolphe 
Swift, H. 
Tams, Sampson, Jr. 
Taylor, Aleand, J. (Might be Alexander) 
Taylor, J. 
Taylor, W.W. 
Temple, M. 
Teschmacker, H. F. and servant 
Tewksbury, D. B. 
Teyon, Mrs. S. H. and child 
Thomas, Dan 
Thompson, George W. 
Thompson, J. P. 
Thompson, S. J. 
Townsend, Mrs. 
Vaughan, George W. 
Vezey, John L. 
Vicario, J. 
Wagner, John 
Walker, Benjamin 
Wallace, William 
Webster, George 
Whipple, Albert 
Whipple, Arnold 
Whipple, Edwin 
Whipple, J. and lady 
Williams, O. C. 
Woolrich, George 
Wright, Edward 
Wright, Isaac M.

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