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Arrive San Francisco

December, 1850
SS Northerner
Captain Randall
From Panama


19 days from Panama via San Diego 4 days to G. Meredith.

Daily Alta California, December 30, 1850

A most disgraceful affair occurred on the arrival of the Northerner last evening. Capt. Moore, ol the U. S. schooner Ewing, hailed his boat along side the steamer, and in undertaking to obey the order, his boatmen attempt to pass through tlio fleet of boats which surrounded the steamer. Without any apparent cause, Capt Moore's men were assaulted by the other boatmen, and in a most beligerent manner, boathooks and and oars were freely used. When Capt. Moore endeavored to get to his boat to quell the disturbance, a pistol was presented, with a threat to blow out his brains if he advanced.


Col. R. McKee, S. B. Knapp, H. L. Kohn, H. Bach, J. Seligman, Mrs Bellaw, and 3 children, M. Guyshopher, H. Seligman, B. Cruger, L. Leginsky, Miss Baker, Master Baker, Henry Holmes.

From San Diego: E. O. C. Ord and servant, USA; W. A. Richardson, T. De Witt, G. W. Sirriue, C. A. Haylord, Thos Byrne, Edwd. Hallett. James M. Lewis. C. B. Moor, W. S. Hyde, .E W. Johnson, S. T. Brewster.

Boat landing at the Chagres River in Panama prints available.
Boat Landing at the Chagres River, Panama.
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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; Maritime Library, San Francisco, California, various Maritime Museums around the world.

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