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SS Sonora

Arrive San Francisco

September 26, 1862 
SS Sonora 
Captain W. F. Lapidge 
From Panama, 15 days 9 hours, 310 passengers

September 27, 1862, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

Arrival of the Sonora

The steamship Sonora, Captain Lapidge, arrived on Friday morning from Panama


The Pacific Mail steamship Co's steamer Sonora, W. F. Lapidge, commander , left Panama, Sept. 10. at 7:45 P. M., with 310 passengers from New York September 1st by steamer Ariel; arrived at Acapulco, Sept. 17th, at 6:30 A. M.; received coal and supplies and sailed at 3 P.M.: Sept. 18th at 10 A.M., exchanged papers with steamer Orizaba bound down; arrived at San Francisco, Sept. 26th, at 5:50 A.M.: in port at Panama U. S. steamer Saranac; at Acapulco, U. S. steamer Lancaster and American ship Hester with coal to P.M.S.S. Co.


The steamer Sonora bring 2881 firkins butter via Isthmus. Passengers and merchandise to Forbes & Babcock.


Mrs P. B. Cornwell, Miss Hattle M Taylor, Mrs. S. Baldy and child, Lewis Leland, F Lewis, Wm. Brown, Dr. F. M. Ringgold, R. M. Anderson, Col J. Robertson, Bishop Staley, wife and family, Mr Mason, wife and family, Mr Ibotson, Mrs. Moore and son, Mrs Buck and child, D. Hubard, Miss Haskell, J. H. Taylor, S. P. Cornwell, l. A Melartz, J. W. Parmelee, Jacob Cohn, R. Moss, S. Marks, wife and sister, E. C. Kennedy, M. E. Tobin, Mrs. Manning and child, Mrs J. B. Bailer and 3 children, Dr Alers, Miss R. Cooper, A. Shoemaker, wife and son, Wm Ritter, Chas. D. Cushman, H. Jackson, Dr. W. W. Hays and wife, W. S. Willis and wife, W. J. Davis, Frances Gray, Fanny Hackett, Ellen Haywood, L. W. Newman, Mrs. Thompson, J. D. Hunt and wife, Jno Catlin, J. R. Lancaster, N. Colter, C. H. Pearse, Mr. Cavillon, J. Esperon, N. Ruiz, Juan Esperon, F. Nuguiero, J. M. Taylor, wife and infant, C. Desisle, Mrs. McNamara, Nancy Runninman and 3 children, Jno Runniman, Jas Newman, N. Handy, Mary B. Tyler and child, Margaret Bannon, Julia North, Mrs. H. A. Thomas, Wm. Dean, Mary Phalen, Margaret Phalen, Mrs S. L. B. McKay, Ann Bannon, Margaret McKenna, Wm. Gephart and wife, C. B. Applegate, Mrs. E. Brown, S. A. Scott, Mrs. C. Rotanzi and 3 children, C. W. Scheidel, wife and child, Chas Crane, Mrs. C. Stickles, W. H. Bowgine and boy, Martha Mullen, D. W. Going, Mrs. Litzins and 3 children, L. Bretzfelder, Jonas Blum, Jos Blackburn and wife, J. B. Montrose, Chas Beauer, W. Searsmith and wife, S. Pechy, A. Dancri and wife, R. Edgeworth, F. Copello, Chas E. Illsley, Casper Behrendt, G. L. Munn, John C. Park and wife, Mrs. A. Piper and 170 others.

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