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Daily Alta California, September 15, 1851

The following statement of the Ocean Steamships at present afloat, and in process of construction, will probably be found of great interest to our readers generally, and particularly to the commercial community. It is made up from the best sources of information to which access could be had, and though the statement is not as detailed in its character as could be wished, it is believed to be accurate and reliable as far as it goes. We acknowledge our indebtedness to Robert Carrington, Esq., of this city, and to Willmet and Smith's Times, for large portions of the facts embodied below.

Pacific Mail Steamship Company
Route, between San Francisco and Panama, via intermediate ports.
Steamers Tons Commanders
Golden Gate 2200 C.P. Patterson, U.S.N. Now coming round the Horn.
Illinois 2200 Now building
Oregon 1097 R.H. Pierson
Panama 1087 James Watkins
California 1050 T.A. Budd, U.S.N.
Tennessee 1300 Geo. M. Totten, U.S.N.
Northerner 1200 Henry Randall
Republic 1200 W.H. Hudson, U.S.N.
Antelope 500
Isthmus 600
Unicorn 600
Carolina 600 Richard L. Whiting
Columbus 600 J.B.G. Isham
Constitution 600 Samuel S. Welsh
Fremont 600 Allan McLane, U.S.N.
Sarah Sands 1500 William Isley
Between San Francisco and Oregon
Columbia 800 A.V.H. Leroy, U.S.N.
Agents--E. Knight, San Francisco; Oliver Ellsworth, Panama, Yecker, Torrey & Co., Mazatlan; Barron, Forbes & Co., San Blas; J.H. Bill, Acapulco; J. Durbrow, Jr., Oregon
Vanderbilt's Independent Line
Route, between San Francisco and San Juan del Sud, touching at Acapulco.
Pacific 1000 D.G. Bailey
Independence 800 Edgar Wakeman
North America 1250 James H. Blethen. On her way around the Horn.
Sea Bird 500 Captain Tibbetts
San Francisco 1000 Nearly ready for sea.
Gold Hunter ? J.W. Thompson
Agent--R.J. Vandewater, and Goodwin & Co., Sansome Street, San Francisco
Empire City Line
Route, between San Francisco and Panama, touching at Acapulco only.
New Orleans 1200 J.D. Wood
Commodore Stockton 600 E.H. Ackley
Monumental City 800 J.H. Norris
Agent--J.W. Raymond, Sacramento street, San Francisco
Pacific (Panama and Valparaiso) Company
Route, between Panama and Valparaiso, touching at intermediate ports.
Peru 658 ?
Chili 658 ?
Coquimbo 652 ?
Equador 323 ?
New Grenada 649 ?
Building: At Glasgow, the Santiago, and three others not yet named, each of 1100 tons and 400 horsepower; the whole of which are to be of iron, and on the paddle-wheel principle. The Santiago is expected to leave Liverpool at the latter end of July, and the three others to be on the Pacific before April next.

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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; Maritime Library, San Francisco, California.

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