VIPs: San Francisco 1800s

Mrs. Alexina Fisher Baker, Mr. Lewis Baker

February 5, 1852, Daily Alta California, San Francisco


By the steamship Pacific, which arrived last evening, we are pleased to notice the arrival of Mrs. Alexina Fisher Baker and her husband, Mr. Lewis Baker. 
Daily Alta California ad for Alexina Fisher Baker February 20, 1852.

Mrs. Baker is well known to all our theatre goers from the Atlantic States, under her maiden name of Alexina Fisher, and those who visited the Chestnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia a few years since, and later in the Broadway Theatre, New York, will well recollect her and be ready to give her a hearty welcome upon her arrival on the shores of the Pacific. Mrs. Baker is a pleasing and powerful actress, but she is too well know by the theatre-going community to require our encomiums.

Mr. Lewis Baker we have never had the pleasure of seeing professionally, but the press of New York and Philadelphia speak of him in the highest terms as an actor of no ordinary merit.

Upon their departure from Philadelphia a complimentary benefit was given to Mrs. Baker at the Chestnut Street Theatre, which is represented as having been a deeply interesting affair. We congratulate our community upon the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Baker, whom we shall probably have the pleasure of seeing on the boards ere long.

San Francisco during the mid-1800s.

Western Artists. Lure of the West
Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum
Lure of the West. Treasures from the Smithsonian. 

Amy Pastan
Striking paintings and sculptures by artists who traveled west in the decades following the Lewis and Clark explorations, portray the expanding frontier from an array of compelling viewpoints: pristine wilderness, rugged landscapes, the Gold Rush, exotic Hispanic cultures of the Southwest, tribal Indian life, and romanticized views of the West as a place of primal beauty and spiritual values. Artists include Emanuel Leutze, Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran, Charles Bird King, George Catlin, Irving Couse, Olin Warner, and others.

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America and the Sea. A Maritime History.
America and the Sea
A Maritime History

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