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VIPS in the Port of San Francisco during the 1800s

Arrived on the SS Brother Jonatham,
February 2, 1853

Daily Alta California, February 3, 1853

The Brother Jonathan brings about 350 passengers, among whom are Mr. Miska Hauser, the distinguished violinist, accompanied by Mr. Layenu, the celebrated composer and director.

Daily Alta California, March 8, 1853

This celebrated violinist has left on a tour to Benecia and Sacramento. It is his intention to give concerts in Benecia, and three or four in Sacramento. We must again reiterate our high appreciation of this distinguished performer, as we think him second to none we ever had the pleasure of listening to. We congratulate our friends of the places above mentioned on the possession of so choice and refined an entertainment as will be offered by him. We shall anxiously look for his return amongst us.

On January 19, 1856, Mr. Hauser was reported by the Australian and New Zealand Gazette to be "enchanting the community by his admirable performances on the violin. "

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Artful Players.Hauser.
Artful Players:
Artistic Life in Early San Francisco
Dr. William H. Gerdts, Birgitta Hjalmarson

With a handful of wealthy Gold Rush barons as indulgent patrons, an active community of artists appeared in nineteenth-century San Francisco almost overnight. A subculture of artistic brilliance and social experimentation was the result--in essence, a decades-long revelry that finally ended with the 1906 earthquake. Witness Jules Tavernier, hungry and in debt, accepting a stuffed peacock and two old dueling pistols in payment for a Yosemite landscape; Mark Twain as reluctant art critic.

California Performers.
San Francisco, You're History!
A Chronicle of the Politicians, Proselytizers, Paramours, and Performers Who Helped Create California's Wildest City
San Francisco Artists.
J. Kingston Pierce

Ships, Shipping, Migration, World Seaports.

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San Francisco.

Historical Atlas of California With Original Maps."Historical Atlas of California"uses nearly five hundred historical maps and many other illustrations--from rough sketches drawn in the field to commercial maps to beautifully rendered works of art. This lavishly illustrated volume tells the story of California's past from a unique visual perspective covering five hundred years of history from before European contact through the Gold Rush and up to the present. The maps are accompanied by a concise, engaging narrative and by extended captions that elucidate the stories and personalities behind their creation.

Artists at Continent's End: The Monterey Peninsula Art Colony, 1875-1907Ships, Shipping, Migration, World Seaports.

Ships, Shipping, Migration, World Seaports.Few regions rival the magnificence of California's Monterey Peninsula. This beauty, together with a mild climate, rich history, and simplicity of lifestyle, encouraged the development of one of the nation's foremost art colonies. From 1875 to the first years of the twentieth century, artists were drawn to the towns of Monterey, Pacific Grove, and then Carmel. Artists at Continent's End is the first in-depth examination of the importance of the Monterey Peninsula, which during this period came to epitomize California art. Beautifully illustrated with a wealth of images, including many never before published, this book tells the fascinating story of eight principal protagonists--Jules Tavernier, William Keith, Charles Rollo Peters, Arthur Mathews, Evelyn McCormick, Francis McComas, Gottardo Piazzoni, and photographer Arnold Genthe--and a host of secondary players who together established an enduring artistic legacy.

Frank Soule, John H. Gihon

1855. Written by three journalists who were witnesses to and participants in the extraordinary events they describe. The Annals of San Francisco is both an essential record for historians and a fascinating narrative for general readers. Over 100 historical engravings are included.

Partial Contents: Expeditions of Viscaino; Conduct of the Fathers towards the natives; Pious Fund of California; Colonel John C. Fremont; Insurrection of the Californians; Description of the Golden Gate; The Mission and Presidio of San Francisco; Removal of the Hudson's Bay Company; Resolutions concerning gambling; General Effects of the Gold Discoveries; Third Great Fire; Immigration diminished; The Chinese in California; Clipper Ships; Increase of population; and Commercial depression.

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Migration and Disruptions

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