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Very Important Passengers

San Francisco Gold Rush 1849.

Arriving by Sea in San Francisco


(The) Alleghanians: Monumental City, May 17, 1852
Arrowsmiths, Cartographers
William H. Aspinwall: 1855
Atwill & Co.

Charles L. Bache
Mr. Lewis Baker and Mrs. Alexina Fisher Baker: SS Pacific, February 5, 1852 
The Batemen Children: S.S. John L. Stephens, April 4, 1854 
John B. Barrett, Editor, San Francisco Examiner
James H. Barry, Publisher, The Star (San Francisco Star) 
Ernest Bazin
Lieut. E. F. Beale 
Bell and Norris
Albert Bierstadt 
Isabella L. Bird
Madame Biscaccianti
Madam Anna BishopBrother Jonathan, February 2, 1854
Alma Blethen (Daughter of Captain James H. Blethen; Wife of Dr. Edward George)
Blethens in San Francisco during the 1800s
George Boole, Ship Owner, Ship Builder
Samuel Brannan: Brooklyn, July 31, 1846 
William H. Brewer, in California 1860-1864
Isambard Kingdom Brunel 
R. R. BuckelewCalifornian Editor
Bummer and Lazarus 
Charles Burke, Comedian: Brother Jonathan, March 26, 1854 
David H. Burr, Cartographer 
Sir Richard Burton 

California.Building the Railroad.


California Pioneers (The Society of)
E. P. Christy and his celebrated band of Minstrels, SS Golden Age, October 16, 1854 
Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)
Cochituate Mining Co.Civilian, April 5, 1850 
J. H. Coghill, Esq.
James Mudge Cole
Henry Comstock
William Copeland (Johan Martinius Thoresen)
William A. Coulter, 1949-1936
Charles Crocker
Patrick Crowley
J. M. Cunard: Barque Canton, July 28, 1851 

Richard Henry Dana
Davis & Jordan
DeWitt and Harrison
The DeYoungs
George W. Dickie
Peter Donahue, Donohue's Iron Foundry
The Drumm of Drumm Street
"Lord" Darrell Duppa
Dupuy, Foulkes & Co., Wine Merchants from Germany: July 10 from Hamburg on the Brig Johanna Cristophe

William M. EddyUS Oregon, June 13, 1849

Charles Snowden Fairfax
Capt Farragut, U.S.N.SS Cortes, September 14, 1854
Bernardo Fernandez 
John C. Fremont 

John W. GearySS Oregon, April 1, 1849 
Ghirardelli (The Chocolate Family)
E. Goddard
George Gordon, October 1849
George W. Gore
Gray's Harbor Commercial
Richard Graham, 1849

Richard Hakluyt
Agaston Haraszthy: 1856 
Stephen R. Harris, M.D.SS Panama, June 6, 1849 
DeWitt and Harrison
K. Haskell, Painter 
Wiska HauserSS Brother Jonathan, February 2, 1853 
Alexander Hay, Shipbuilder 
Truman Head (California Joe)
George Hearst, 1850s 
Sigismund Herrman, German Benevolent Society
Ben Holladay, West Coast shipping magnate 
Moses and Mark HopkinsSS Columbus, May 23, 1851 
James M. Hutchings, "Hutchings California Magazine"
The Rich Men of San Francisco. Daily Alta California. 1865.
Theodore D. JudahSS Pacific, May 4, 1854 

Hawaiian Princes Kamehameha and Lehiliho: SS California, August 23, 1850
Thomas Keane 
Denis Kearney

Thomas O. LarkinNewcastle, April 1832 
Madame Laurustinus
Mr. LavenuSS Brother Jonathan, September 20, 1853 
William Alexander Leidesdorff
Frank Leslie's Illlustrated Newspapers
James Lick, Lick Observatory 
Jose Yves Limantour
Capt. Francis J. Lippitt 
J.M. Litchfield
Charles B. Loomis (and H. Loomis)
Charles Lux, Cattle Baron 

The Marsh Troupe
Stephen Massett 1849 
Thomas Jefferson Mateson, 1849 
Thomas McCarty: 1852
Donald McKay
Henry MeiggsAlbany, January 11,1849
Samuel Merritt
Liet. W. Michler, U. S. A. SS Golden Age, October 16, 1854 
Henry Miller, Cattle King
Joaquin Miller 
Lola Montez
Mormon Island Mining Association
Eadweard Muybridge

Charles Christian Nahl: 1851 
The Newhalls: C. Newhall arrived on the S.S. Tennessee on April 14, 1850 
Jonathan NicholsEliza, 1848
Charles Nordhoff: 1830-1901
Bell and Norris 
Joshua "Emperor" Norton I

Theodore PayneSS Panama, 1849 
Archibald C. Peachy, Esq.
Charles M. Perkins
George Perkins, Goodall & Perkins
Madame Pfeiffer 
The Phelans
Parley P. PrattOrion, 1822 
General William H. PrattCalifornia, 1849


Mr. Ralston Agent, Independent Opposition Line
William A. RichardsonOrion, August 1822
Caroline Richings 
James Roberts, Prospector
James (Sunny Jim) Rolph, 1869-1934
Francis Hanford Russel, Brig Osceola, August 4, 1849

Peder Sather
Tom Sawyer
Mrs. Catherine Sinclair
John Sinclair
J. Smith 
Jedediah Smith
Joseph F. Smith, Missionary 
John D. Spreckels, 1853-1926
Leland Stanford: July 12, 1852, SS Independence from San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua 
Stone Family, Shipbuiders: William Irving Stone, Frank Stone, Lester Stone
Maurice Strakosch: July 1, 1854, celebrated pianist arrives on SS John L. Stephens
L. Strauss (Levi Strauss): March 6, 1853, S.S. Tennessee, which sunk off the heads, but all passengers safely arrived in San Francisco 
Adolph Heinrich Joseph Sutro (1830-1898) 
John Augustus Sutter

W. H. Talbot
C. A. Thayer: SS California July 7, 1853
The Tobins: Richard Tobin, 1849 from Valparaiso; J. W. and W. Tobin, SS Tennessee, April 14, 1850; Mrs. A. J. Tobin, SS Panama, September 22, 1850; J. M. Tobin 1853; J. Tobin 1854
George Muirson Totten (Panama Railroad) 
Leon Trousset, Artist 
Matthew Turner, Master Mariner and Shipbuilder
John H. Turney 
Mark Twain 

General M. G. Vallejo 
The Vigilance Committee 

William H. Webb, Ship Builder 
Raphael Weill 
Captain Whiting, Engineer, Fort Point, 1853 
Frederick Whymper
Dr. F. P. Wierzbicki (and his "Advice to the Miner")
James R. Willoughby, on wrecked ship Independence, February 1853


Marquis Field Marshal Yamagata
Alexandre Zins, Artist

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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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